1 on 1

Personal Training

1 on 1 training is where it all starts.  If you're new to working out, then hiring a personal trainer is the best option to help you get set on the right track from the start. 


Our trainers at Personalized Health all have corrective exercise education and will know how to help you with your individual differences.

Personal Training

2 clients 1 trainer!  Partner Training is a great way to lower the cost of your training and share the session time with another client. 


Our personal trainers are trained specifically on how to run multiple programs within one training session, so most clients don't even notice the difference between a Partner Training and a 1 on 1, unless they have an injury or are new to exercise.

Small Group

Personal Training

Working out with a small group of people can be a great experience!  Not only do you have 3 other people to hold you accountable, but you're growing in your fitness journey at this point and can still make progress in your program without needing 1 on 1 attention.  Small Group Training is a great start to taking your health into your own hands, and building relationships around your goals!

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