Who we are?  We are a group of Medical Providers and Fitness Professionals that have collaborated under one brand and facility to better meet the healthcare needs of today!  Now, medical providers can work hand in hand with personal trainers to supervise ongoing programs or to identify when a member or client has an injury or health issue that can be evaluated by medical staff onsite.


What are we?  We are a “Hybrid Facility” in the Pacific Northwest that host’s Injury Treatment, corrective exercise and Strength & Conditioning all under one roof.  These two environments can be accessed on multiple levels from a facility membership and personal training to Chiropractic services and Medical Massage!  What are we? We are “Clinical Fitness”.

Why we’re here?  What started out as an idea to design an effective active care program in our Chiropractic Clinics across two states, has evolved into the venture of launching a “Hybrid Facility” in Seattle, WA!  It was clear to us that aside from our rehab program that is designed to progressively assist patients with healing spinal injury and restoring function, that our patients needed something more to continue with their new journey of “moving better” means “feeling better”.  Healthcare in America is changing whether we like it or not, and taking YOUR health into your own hands is more crucial now than ever before. We are here to provide that safe, reputable, experienced “clinical fitness” environment that will put you in the driver seat to your health’s future.

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